Five Minute Friday – Plan

I have taken a bit of a rest this week from blogging as it’s been a crazy week.  Since I started blogging I saw this meme called the Five Minute Friday.  I never took part though.  However, since I’ve come back I wanted to try it out.  I love that you are given a prompt and then are to set a timer for 5 minutes and you just type.  No editing.   It’s fresh.  It’s authentic.  Most of all it’s fun.  You never know what you’re going to get.

This week the prompt was  PLAN.  So here it is.

This week has been a busy week. There have been lots of planning. I was supposed to have a meeting on Monday, that was cancelled at the last-minute. Then I went into planning the little man’s 6th birthday party. Then a visit from my parents was thrown in and a quick coffee with friends.

If I didn’t plan things out things would be chaotic here. I have a large calendar on the fridge so everyone can see what is scheduled. I have a daytimer in my purse (yes, I’m old school that way) and I have my phone (which died last week so I’m not sure when everyone’s birthdays are now).

My typical week is pretty busy and if we want to do anything it has to be preplanned because of appointments, youth groups, kids clubs, therapies, studies, etc.. I try to keep weekends open for impromptu trips (last week we went to Drumheller to see the dinosaurs). However, this month every weekend is busy. We have two birthdays and therefore, two parties. We also have my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary. I can’t wait until Easter weekend for some rest.

I really enjoyed doing this.  It was actually harder than I thought.  If you are interested in joining go to Kate Motaung’s blog and link up


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