Caffeinated Randomness – A Review


What would you do if you lost something that should be your most important possession?  Would you search for it or would you just let it go?  

What would you do if the person who you loved the most hurt you the most?  Would you make them pay?  Could you forgive them?  

Who do you trust, the person who appears to have it all or the person who everyone tells you to stay way from?  

Would you help a stranger when everyone told you not to?

These and many more layers of messiness are explored and embraced in an authentic, yet dramatic tale by Shannon O’Donnell in “Love’s Memory – The Scotts of Moutain Ridge (Book 1).”
I was privileged enough to be asked to preview this book late last year.  I struggle with many Christian Novels as I find them “fluff.”  Everything is always solved in a happy ending at the end.  They seem to be no better than, dare I say it, romance novels.  Not that I don’t read them.   They’re the books I read when I don’t want to be challenged or think.  However, this novel had me thinking.  There were so many layers to this story.  So many flawed characters who were struggling and in pain.  I was challenged to look at my own relationships and perceptions.  No one character was innately good and no one character was innately bad.  They were human.  They were honest and they were messy.

This novel is officially released on January 15, 2012 and would recommend getting it and reading it. I am now waiting for Book 2 and it can’t come soon enough.

What have you been reading?  What books have pushed or challenged you?  Come and join up with the other Java Junkies this week with your randomness.

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