Caffeinated in the Word – Week 2 with Mark

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Week two.  How did you do?  Did you get your study done everyday?  Or did you cram it all into one session.  Confession time – that’s what I did.  For some reason this week I have been unable to get out of bed early to do my personal devotion time.  As a result, this week I have been overwhelmed, depressed, in a fog, set adrift, lost, angry, frustrated,……I could go on, but I won’t.  I have no one else to blame but myself.  I could have gotten myself up.  My alarm went off.  I could of rolled out of bed instead of rolling over.  This week I have been running on fumes, when I could have been running on a full tank.  
When I do this it reminds of my own hypocrisy of telling my daughter to do her homework daily.  Of putting in the time to get good grades instead of watching TV or playing video games.  I can’t expect her to get it right when I myself am failing.  I need to set good guidelines, not just for her, but also for me.  I need to lead by example.  Right now the rules seems to be “do as I say, not as I do.”  Doesn’t really seem fair and it isn’t.  I need to get my act together so that I can teach her to get hers in order.

I loved the “Picture It” method.  I loved envisioning myself in the place of one of the characters in the Bible story.  It was a great way of thinking of what it would have been like to see Jesus and hear Jesus. Even though I crammed I got a lot out of the weeks study.  Funny enough the truths that came out at me were ones I needed to hear this week.  They were ones about Jesus’ healing relief and freedom (Mark 1:40-45; 5:21-45; & Mark 7:31-37); about trusting Jesus to provide (Mark 6:35-44); and about where Jesus is in the storms (Mark 4:35-41; Mark 6:45-51). Another good reminder why I should be in the Word daily.  These are all things I need to be reminded of and need to embrace.  

My favourite word also came out this week in the study – “Ephphatha”.  It used to be my signature line for my blog.  It means “be opened.”  I wrote a blog about it when I first blogged.  How I still long to be open.  How I long to be completely authentic in my walk.  How I long to be free from the bondage that I cling to.  God again placed this verse in my life to remind me that I am free.  Free in Him if I would but believe it.  I do believe it and will embrace it.  I already feel a fresh wind flowing around me and renewing me.  I feel lightened and embraced.  I feel open.  I long to stay open.  

This week as we read we are to try the Probe It method or the SPACEPETS method.  It is more based on action then complete reflection   I am interested to see how this goes and can’t wait to write more about it next week.

This week’s reading:

Day 15 – Mark 8:34-38  Jesus teaches about taking up your cross
Day 16 – Mark 9:33-34  Who is the greatest in the kingdom of God
Day 17 – Mark 10:17-31  Jesus meets the rich young man
Day 18 – Mark 11:25  We must forgive to be forgiven
Day 19 – Mark 14:3-9  A woman anoints Jesus with perfume
Day 20 – Mark 15:33-39  The crucifixion
Day 21 – Mark 16:1-20  the resurrection

This week’s memory verse:

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.  James 1:22 (NIV)

What did you learn from Mark this week?  Are you a crammer or do you get things done when you should?  If you are, can you teach me?   Even if you aren’t doing the study, please join your randomness up with the other Java Junkies this week.   

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